The New Study Plan Feature

A few weeks ago I created a video on the new Study Plans feature in the Gospel Library. Currently, it is only offered for iOS, but a beta is currently out for the Android and should be released soon.

I am wondering if anyone has tried the feature and what your feelings are about it.

Do you find it helpful?

Do you have any suggestions for improvement?

I would really be interested in your comments.

One thought on “The New Study Plan Feature

  1. New Android version 5.1.0 (50392.19) released on Feb 7th, which includes the new ‘Study Plan’ feature amongst the following items:

    • Added study plans feature, allowing users to track the completion of their study
    • Added counts for annotations / personal data to the App Details screen
    • Added ability to view a full chapter in the sidebar, for links to a full chapter
    • Fixed drop-down navigation menu didn’t work in Notes
    • Fixed duplicate general conference talks showed under Speakers or Topics
    • Fixed contextual search in a library section didn’t return full results
    • Fixed deep links didn’t always navigate correctly

  2. Thank you Brad! You beat me to the punch. I was just reviewing it on my Android. There are a few differences from the iOS, so I will upload a video the first part of this week on using the Android Study Plans feature.

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