iOS Shortcuts

This page contains iOS Shortcuts that I have created to help in studying the scriptures. These Shortcuts are for the iPhone and iPad. Android does not have a Shortcut equivalent.

To download a Shortcut you must be on your iPhone or iPad. If you are viewing this from your desktop you will need to open this website on your mobile device.

After downloading a Shortcut and before running it, check for comments. To see the comments and also actions tap on the menu icon.

IMG_0309 2

If you want to change some of the actions, I suggest that you create a copy of the Shortcut before making changes. To create a copy of a Shortcut hold your finger on a Shortcut until the Shortcuts begin to wiggle and a short menu pops up, release your finger and tap on the “duplicate”.

Each Shortcut is designated as a “Shortcut” or “Widget.” 

  • Shortcut are run from the Share function.
  • Widget’s are run from your widgets on your Home Screen.

Create Scripture Reference – Shortcut

In the Gospel Library selecting a verse and using either the Copy command or Share/Copy command, will result in only the verse being copied.

If you use Share/(and another app) commands the reference, verse, and link will be provided. However, the order of the three items and the appearance will vary depending on the app.

The Shortcut will do the following:

  • Creates a clean scripture reference
  • Places the scripture reference at the top and imbeds the link in the reference
  • To avoid repeating the verse number at the beginning of the verse removes the verse number if present
  • You will be presented with the choice of having the result placed in Drafts, Day One, or the Clipboard. This list can be changed to Shortcut supported apps of your choice


Create Scripture Reference

GL URL Only – Shortcut

There are times that you may want to pull only the URL to a reference in the Gospel Library. For example, if teaching a class, instead of sending the verse and link, send a message (preferably a question) with the link. This will cause the reader to follow the link to the scriptures where the verse can be read in context. More likely, if you send the verse with the link they read the verse and never turn to the scriptures.

This Shortcut will do the following:

  • Removes the quote and other information leaving the URL, e.g.,
  • Copies the URL to the clipboard



Bookmark – Shortcut

This will create a bookmark. Yes, you can create a bookmark in the Gospel Library but this one is more fun, and is a good demonstration of what a Shortcut can do. Select a word or words where you stopped and tap on Share. Then find the shortcut “Bookmark” and tap on it. If you are going to use this shortcut I suggest your move the shortcut to the top of your share list. 



Open Bookmark –  Widget

I think you can figure what this one does.


Open Bookmark

Day One Scripture Study – Widget

This Shortcut helps you to evaluate your scripture study. You can change the prompts to meet your individual needs.

This Shortcut will do the following:

  • Asks a series of prompts about your study of the scriptures
  • Records your responses in the Day One Journal. You can change this to the journal of your choice


Day One Scripture Study

Capture Quote & Reference – Shortcut

This Shortcut captures selected text from a website along with the name of the author, time/date and reference. This information can then be pasted into the Gospel Library, journal or other text-based apps.

This Shortcut requires the use of the app Drafts and the Drafts action “Current UUID.” The app offers a free version which is all you need to run this Shortcut. See the instructions below for installing the “Current UUID” action.

This Shortcut will do the following:

  • Captures a quote from a website and pulls the title, author, date

    andlink, and pastes the information in Drafts. In the following order:

  • Selected text
  • Title
  • Author (if available)
  • Date (if available)
  • Link

Drafts Setup

  • Go to the Apple Store and download the app “Drafts”
  • Open Drafts and in the top right-hand corner tap on the Action icon (looks like one square behind and another).
  • At the bottom of the screen tap on “+”
  • Tap on Visit Directory
  • In the small search field type “uuid”
  • In the list find “Current UUID” and tap on it
  • Tap on “Install” then tap on “Open” (if requested)
  • Tap on Basic
  • Now the Action called “Current UUID” has been installed in Drafts


Capture Quote & Text Reference

Copy GL Note – Shortcut

In the Gospel Library when you copy a note you get the following:

  • Title
  • Text in the note
  • Selected text
  • URL to the selected text

When all you want is the body of the text.


30 Silver Coins
Thirty silver coins probably represent Roman denarii, approximately a week of pay for a day laborer. Some later manuscripts indicate that these were staters, and thus the sum would be four times the amount than if they were only denarii.

The New Testament: A Translation for Latter-day Saints by Thomas A. Wayment, Religious Studies Center

15 And said unto them, What will ye give me, and I will deliver him unto you? And they covenanted with him for thirty pieces of silver.

This shortcut will delete all of the above information except for the body of the text and place it in the clipboard. You can then select the text, create a note, paste in the body of the note from the clipboard, and add a title if so desired.

This is useful when you create a note in your “Come, Follow Me” material and also want to copy the note to a referred scripture. Of course, one could also just create a link but this shortcut gives you the option of having the note in two or more places.

Copy GL Note

Church –  Widget

Run this shortcut when you are at church on Sunday. The shortcut will turn on Do Not Disturb, opens the Music app, GoodNotes and PDF app. I like to take my Sacrament meeting notes in shorthand and the PDF app opens a PDF shorthand dictionary in case I get stuck for a word.

Now you are ready to participants in the Sacrament meeting. You hymn book is open and you are ready to take notes. If you do not like those apps you can set up the ones you like.



Scripture Study – Widget

This shortcut turns on Do Not Disturb, opens the library, Citation Index and BLB (Blue Letter Bible) and ends up with the Gospel Library open. Now it is very easy to create a split screen with the Citation Index and the BLB. The dock places the last three apps that have been opened in the far left of the dock. All you have to do now is place you finger on one of the apps open it in a split screen. 


Scripture Study