iOS Shortcuts

This page contains iOS Shortcuts that I have created to help in studying the scriptures. These Shortcuts are for the iPhone and iPad. Android does not have a Shortcut equivalent.

To download a Shortcut you must be on your iPhone or iPad. If you are viewing this from your desktop you will need to open this website on your mobile device to download a Shortcut.

After downloading a Shortcut and before running it, check for comments. To see the comments and also the actions tap on the menu icon.

IMG_0309 2

If you want to change some of the actions, I suggest that you create a copy of the Shortcut before making changes. To create a copy of a Shortcut hold your finger on a Shortcut until the Shortcuts begin to wiggle and a short menu pops up, release your finger and tap on the “duplicate”.

Each of the following Shortcuts are designated as a “Shortcut” or “Widget.” 

  • A Shortcut is run from the Share function.
  • Widgets are run from the widget section on your Home Screen.

GL Create A Scripture Reference – Shortcut

In the Gospel Library selecting a verse and using either the Copy command or Share/Copy command, will result in only the verse being copied.

If you use the Share/(and app name) action the reference, verse, and link will be provided. However, the order of the three items and the appearance will vary depending on the app. This Shortcut puts the information in a logical order that is easier to read.

The Shortcut will do the following:

  • Creates a clean scripture reference
  • Places the scripture reference at the top and imbeds the link in the reference
  • To avoid repeating the verse number at the beginning of the verse removes the verse number if present
  • You will be presented with the choice of having the result placed in Drafts*, Day One**, the Clipboard or Notes. This list can be changed to apps you prefer. 

*Drafts is a highly popular app that quickly captures text and sends it almost anywhere. Drafts is my iPhone go-to app any time I need to take a note. Find out more about Drafts here.

**Day One is a journaling app. It has won several awards – App of the Year, Apple Design Award and Apple Editors’ Choice. It is in my opinion, the best journaling available anywhere. Find out more about Day One here.

In Day One you can have more than one journal. The multiple journal feature is part of the paid version. In either case, you will need to designate the name of your journal in the Shortcut. In the Shortcut scroll down until you see Day One. Tap on the down arrow and type in the name of your journal. 


Create Scripture Reference

GL Create A Bookmark – Shortcut

This will create a bookmark in the Gospel Libray. Yes, you can create a bookmark in the Gospel Library using the Bookmark function, but using this Shortcut is faster, and an excellent demonstration of what a Shortcut can do.

I am hoping the Gospel Library will begin to incorporate the iOS 13 Haptic Touch that would open a selection of Bookmarks. Until then this Shortcut will suffice.

To use this Shortcut select a word or words where you stopped in the Gospel Library and then tap on Share. Next, find the shortcut Create A Bookmark and tap on it. I suggest moving this Shortcut to the top of your Share Shortcut list. 


GL Create A Bookmark

GL Open Bookmark –  Widget

This will open the Bookmark you created with Create A Bookmark.


GL Open Bookmark

GL Day One Scripture Study – Widget

This Shortcut helps you to evaluate your scripture study. You can change the prompts to meet your individual needs.

This Shortcut will do the following:

  • Asks a series of questions about your study of the scriptures
  • Records your responses in the Day One Journal. You can change this to the journal of your choice


GL Day One Scripture Study

Capture Selection & Reference – Shortcut

This Shortcut captures text you have selected on a website along with the title, reference, and if available, the name of the author and the date. The information will be stored in the Clipboard.  You can then paste it in the Gospel Library, a journal or any other text-based apps of your choice.

This Shortcut will do the following:

  • Captures a quote from a website and pulls the title, author, date, and link, and pastes the information in Drafts. In the following order:
  • Title
  • Date (if available)
  • Selected text
  • Author (if available)
  • Link


Capture Quote & Text Reference

GL Copy Note – Shortcut

In the Gospel Library when you copy a Note you get the following:

  • Title
  • Text in the note
  • Selected text
  • URL to the selected text

However, there are times that all you want is the text in the body of the note. This is useful when you create a note in your “Come, Follow Me” material and also want to copy the note to a referred scripture. Of course, you could create a link but this shortcut gives you the option of having the note in two places.


GL Copy Note

Church –  Widget

Run this shortcut when you are at church on Sunday. The shortcut will turn on Do Not Disturb, opens the Notes app, the Gospel Library, and the Sacred Music app. Do Not Disturb will turn off when you leave the building. 

Now you are ready to participate in the Sacrament meeting. Your hymn book and the Gospel Library are open and you are ready to take notes. You can set up the ones you like if you prefer other apps. You can also rearrange the order in which they open. 

I prefer to use my iPad for the hymns. I can hold the iPad with one hand and quickly zoom in on the music if needed. 



GL Scripture Study – Widget

This shortcut turns on Do Not Disturb for 30 minutes, opens the Citation Index, BLB (Blue Letter Bible), Logos Bible and ends with the Gospel Library open. 

Be sure to download the above applications before running this application. Also, you can substitute the apps for ones of your choice. 

When you run the shortcut on your iPad everything will be set up to use a split-screen. The dock places the last three apps that have been opened in the far left of the dock. All you have to do now is place your finger on one of the apps open it in a split-screen. 


GL Scripture Study