Changes Are Coming

After much thought concerning this website, I have decided to make some changes that will better serve most of you.

The most significant change is a focus on the iPhone, iPad, and iWatch. This is where my interests are and what I use daily.

I have discovered part of the reason I don’t post more often is because of the amount of research required to write for both platforms.

If you are an Android user, do not give up on this site just yet because I will also be covering the Gospel Library frequently, and what applies to the Apple devices will use to Android users.

The other change is my posts will be including a judicious curation of Apple news. I will provide a summary of an article and a link to the full article. I will find the most important and exciting news that I believe the average Apple user can use. I will average 2 to 3 posts a week.

I will also begin writing articles on using your Apple devices and using the Gospel Library.

My hope is these changes will make this site more relevant and exciting to you. As always, I appreciate your feedback.

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