Sharing Your Phone With Restrictions Enabled

If someone needs to borrow your phone and you are uncomfortable because of all the personal information in your phone, there is a way to restrict the person to only the app they need to use.

Here are the simple steps to set up this feature.

  1. Go Settings/Accessibility/Guided Access
  2. Turn on Guided Access
  3. Tap on Passcode Settings and set a Guided Access Passcode
  4. Decide if you want to Face ID, PIN Code, or Touch ID to end the Guided Access with a double-click

The next time someone wants to use your phone to make a call, for example, open the Phone app. Depending on which model of phone, you have to Triple-click the Home button or the Side button.

A menu will appear. Tap on Options to set various functions. Then tap on Start. Then hand the phone to the person, and they will only have use of the Phone app.

To end Guided Access, double-click the Home button or Side button. You will then need to provide the PIN, use Face ID or Touch ID to finish the procedure.

Libby – Your Public Library at Home

Do you love to read but don’t like buying books? Then Libby is something you should download.

Libby is a free app that brings your local library to your home. You can browse the library’s digital catalog of ebooks and audiobooks and download your selection to your mobile device. Click here to learn more.

Blue Letter Bible

I mention the Blue Letter Bible (BLB) often when speaking about studying the scriptures. While recording an interview with Rebecca Stay for my podcast, I learned that she has an excellent demonstration of using the Blue Letter Bible.

Rebecca taught an Old Testament class, and during one of the classes, she showed the class how to use the BLB to learn about the coats of skin of Adam and Eve.

She recorded the class, and the instructions on the BLB is in the second half of Old Testament Class #6, starting at minute 34.30.  

She refers to the website version of the BLB. There is also an app version that supplies the same information, although in a different format. The app is available for Apple and Android.

Voice Memos

Are there times you want to get an idea out of your head to consider at a later time?

What do you do? The old stand-by of pen and paper is an excellent option but rarely available when needed. However, the ubiquitous mobile phone can solve the problem.

Voice Memo part of the Apple array of built-in apps and is simple to use.

Open the app, press the red button, and speak. To make it even easier, create a short-cut to open the app, and start recording.

The newest version of the app has an enhancement feature that can improve sound quality.

How to Use and Edit Voice Memos

More Enhancement Information